I’m not a blogger – I just talk a lot

I am not a blogger. Really, I’m not. I am not even that great of a writer if I am being honest. However, I have been a fan of blogs for quite some time. I follow all sorts of blogs ranging in topic from travel, lifestyle, beauty and even finance. Regardless of content, all of the bloggers I follow have one thing in common: they are passionate.

This prompted me to consider what I am passionate enough to share with the world. The answer to that question was fairly easy. I am passionate about being outside and embracing the life away from technology. So passionate in fact, that I decided to do the unthinkable and start a blog of my own.

In short, welcome to my blog.

I am excited to take on this new hobby and share it with all of you. When I say “outdoor therapy” that does not necessarily mean hiking or rock climbing or other aggressive forms of outdoor fitness (although we will talk about that), it means EVERYTHING outdoors. Everything from dining to sporting events, hiking to beaching and everything in between.

So if you need to put this blog into a category, you can call it part lifestyle, part travel or part outdoors. But I just want to think of it as sharing experiences and interacting with others who enjoy similar experiences.

Let’s get started!


2 thoughts on “I’m not a blogger – I just talk a lot

  1. thelazylassie says:

    I agree, I am not a blogger either. Frankly I am terrible at it, and really glad I decided to not pay to blog. But I love writing. Whether people listen or not I don’t care, I just love to express myself. I look forward to viewing your posts

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