Talk about VIEWS: Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail

I recently visited the Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail in Berlin, Connecticut. I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved this spot! As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for views and this is VIEWS.



Despite the grueling heat, my friend (and maid of honor) Jess and I truly enjoyed this 5.5 mile trek. This hike offers various types of terrain and water, tree line and mountain views. I have to admit, we did find the trail itself a bit hard to follow, so I would definitely recommend taking a map or using an app such as the one offered by All Trails. However, even though we did get off track at a view points, we still got to see some beautiful nature.



Before we went, we had heard that the trailhead was difficult to find, but we punched the address into Waze and got there with zero issues. I wore regular Nike sneakers on this adventure but would definitely recommend hiking boots or something with a higher ankle because my ankles were feeling the strain of the terrain the next day!



Overall, this is a Connecticut gem and well worth the effort! For information on how to find good trails in your area, read my latest journal post.


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