Beach Please: Hammonasset Beach State Park

Those of us who live in New England are familiar with living through four distinct seasons. From two plus feet of snow to blazing heat and humidity, we see it all. However I think that this past weekend was an example of what some of use New Englanders live for. Mid-eighties, low humidity and barely a cloud in the sky – it was simply gorgeous. Days like this are what the beach is made for. I thought it was only fitting to spend some quality time with a book at Hammonasset Beach State Park.

One of the reasons I like this beach so much is because it is so spacious. Within the park, there are actually four separate beaches: West Beach, Middle Beach, East Beach and Meigs Point. My personal favorite is East Beach. After parking my car, I picked a path and made my way down to the beach.


Fortunately, I was able to arrive early enough to set up shop in prime beach real estate.


Some people have told me that going to the beach alone is strange, but I find it completely therapeutic. I like to arrive early with just my chair, bag, a blanket and a book (this is my current beach read :)). This gives me some time to myself to just relax, unwind and enjoy the views.


After soaking in the sun and developing a nice shade of lobster red, I decided it was time to leave. As I pulled out of the beach parking lot, I stumbled upon something I did not know existed!


Parking for The Shoreline Greenway Trail is just outside the park’s entrance and is home to a beautiful 2 mile trail that offers views of the marsh, the beach, and the neighboring campground.


Since I had spent most of my day planted in a beach chair, I embraced the opportunity to get in a little exercise and check out some serious views.

If you live in the area, I would absolutely recommend Hammonassett. It does not only provide excellent beach sitting and trail walking options, but it is also great for biking or camping.

What are your favorite beach spots?



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