A Little About Me

Hi All 🙂

I want to welcome you to this little space of the internet that I call my own! This is my new (and very first) blog called A Little Outdoor Therapy. Thanks for stopping by, now let’s get acquainted!

You should know that…

…my name is Michelle

…I am in my mid-twenties (read: late-twenties)

…I am a New Englander, born and raised

…I work in the accounting field by trade but contrary to the popular stereotype, I am not a dull person

…I am also a full-time graduate student (go ME!)

…I started this blog to share my love for all things outdoors

Now that you know a little bit about me, perhaps we should get to the important stuff: the blog!

Between my roles as full-time employee and full-time student, I spend almost every waking moment staring at a computer screen. In the downtime I do have, I like to spend as much of it outside as possible, whether it be attending sporting events, hiking, dining, attending concerts, site-seeing, fishing, playing, walking or beaching.

Since I am based in New England, most of the places/events/attractions I talk about will be in the New England area. BUT I invite you to share your favorite places as well.

This blog is my way of sharing a piece of me while also interacting and getting new ideas. Thanks for coming along for the ride, let’s see where it takes us.

I also invite fellow bloggers to share links to their sites so that I can check them out.

A huge thank you for checking out my page and letting me share some of my outdoor therapy with you!